About Us

List of android games started from a riling problem that transformed into a spout of creativity. We are a small group of gamers who are big fans of good quality games. We’re not just video game fanatics, we are fan of the video game subculture in general. With that of course are some issues which we are not so fond of. But that’s subject of an entirely different affair.

Furthermore, we really enjoy the freedom of portable games, like those on mobile devices like Android, iPhone, Amazon Fire, Gameboy and etc–for obvious reasons.

What we are not fan of however, is the difficulties of getting our fingers on truly good games. And running out of space on our phones to store all of our favorite games. That is why we started List of Android Games. Where we sift through and hand select potential games and put them to the test to find out if they truly are worthy of the title, “the greatest game”. 

Apart from that, we genuinely enjoy writing and blogging about cool stuff. As Ivy H., one of our writers, would say—”I write for pleasure  and the amusement of others”.  

We’ve looked at tons of video games…dissected them to learn what attracts people like us to such games. We had to learn what makes a great game great. We had to become students of the gaming ecosphere. Without going down a complicated rabbit trail, we’ve made this list of greatest mobile games that we hope will help accommodate players like us and satisfy even the most particular of players.

Should you have any inquiries, requests, suggestions, feel free to contact us any time.